Meet Sarah

My name is Sarah Isaacs, an Indigenous woman who is of Lardil, Waanyi, Gaangalida, and Turrabal descent. I am a mum of four, a resident of Mornington Island, and the current Deputy Mayor. I have worked in health and social services sector, land and sea management, mining and extractives, cultural heritage and government.

I am eternally optimistic and a solution-oriented individual. I am determined and committed to reinvigorating our region while setting the foundations for growth and development.

I will put families first; communities are non-existent without them. For far too long consideration for families has not been at the forefront of decisions made for the region. A range of issues affects families in Traeger. Issues, that does not discriminate and are not necessarily isolated to

Traeger region families are the most resilient people in Australia; you’d have to be to live out here and the environment tests you in every way.

I am a new generation: learning from the past, learning from the knowledge shared by my fellow Indigenous countrymen and my non-Indigenous community and colleagues.

I am a part of the Traeger Community and I am 100% committed, motivated and determined to make a real change – for all Traeger families.

I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands, the many people of the Traeger area • I also wish to pay respects to all of the historical peoples from the Traeger area • I pay respect to elders both past and present and acknowledge the many leaders in the community. - Cr Sarah Isaacs